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Big Town

Big Town was a crime drama broadcast from 1937 to 1952. Edward Robinson played Steve Wilson, the managing editor for Illustrated Press. Claire Trevor portrayed Lorelei Kilbourne, a society editor and sidekick in Wilson's adventures in search of stories. During its 15-year run on radio, Big Town was popular and considered the best known reporter drama.

The plots of Big Town deal with crimes involving drunk driving, drug rings, murders, hate crimes, and juvenile delinquency. Each episode opens with a memorable line, "Freedom of the press is a flaming sword! Use it justly . . . hold it high . . . guard it well."

There are 42 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Harding Factory Fire Trap October 26, 1937
Unknown title October 19, 1937
The Poultry Racket-Rehearsal October 14, 1938
The Reform School-Rehearsal June 30, 1939
Deep Death 1939
Occupied Paris September 5, 1942
Blind Justice September 14, 1948
Final Payment September 21, 1948
The Trap September 28, 1948
Double Murder October 12, 1948
Dangerous Resolution December 28, 1948
Prelude to Christmas December 21, 1948
Deadline at Dawn December 14, 1948
The Lost and the Found December 7, 1948
I Remember Murder November 30, 1948
The Deadly Doll November 23, 1948
Death By Plan November 16, 1948
The Fatal Chain November 9, 1948
The Angel of the Street October 19, 1948
The Iron Fist April 19, 1949
The Chill of Death March 29, 1949
The Deadly Summons March 22, 1949
The Prisoners Song February 15, 1949
Death At The Wheel February 8, 1949
Murder in the Snow February 1, 1949

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